Kirurgiskt instrument

Kirurginen instrumentti


The invention concerns a surgical device or apparatus for applying linear clip sutures. The arrangement comprises a housing 1 with a closed rectangular frame 2, grooves 45, 46 being formed inside each lateral side 30, 31 of the frame 2, near the side 3 adjacent to the sides 30, 31 of the frame 2, the centre line of the groove being parallel to the lateral side 30, 31; a matrix 4 provided with depressions 4' and secured on the near side 3 of the frame, the end depressions 49, 50 lying inside the grooves 45, 46 in the lateral sides 30, 31 of the frame 2; a clip head 5 arranged in the housing 1; a removable magazine 9 for clips, which is provided with a track 10 and is intended to be placed in the grooves 45, 46 in the lateral sides 30, 31 of the frame via its sections with end grooves 53, 54; and a support member 11 for clips, and drive devices 23 and 26 for the clip head 5 and for the support member 11, respectively. <IMAGE>




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