Conveying means for outboard cutters of cutterbar

Moyens de transport concus pour les tetes de coupe exterieures d'une barre de coupe


A crop harvester (10) of the rotary cutter bed type has a series of rotary cutters (32a-32j) extending across the path of travel of the machine and rotatable about individual upright axes. The cutter bed (30) extends in opposite directions beyond the ends of a central discharge opening (102) to the conditioner rolls. Cutters (32a; 32b; 32i; 32j) located outboard of the opening direct cut crop materials along the front of the cutter bed (30) until the opposite extremities of the discharge openings are reached, whereupon pairs of cooperating, oppositely rotating cutters in front of the opening function to propel the crop material rearwardly with the main flow of cut materials. Alternative forms of conveying means (292; 296. 306) are provided in association with the outboard cutters (32a; 32b; 32i; 32j) for moving the cut crop centrally without the use of augers or other additional gathering mechanism behind the row of cutters.




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