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US-2012097021-A1: Bootstrap accumulator system with telescoping actuator cylinder patent, US-2012212707-A1: Multi-Segment Imager patent, US-2014341652-A1: Method for draining soil using a filtration means patent, US-2010249357-A1: Room temperature curable polymers and precursors thereof patent, US-2010330027-A1: Cyanoacrylate Initiator System patent, US-2010205713-A1: Athletic Wear patent, US-2011110687-A1: Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2012036972-A1: Dust management system in a table saw patent, US-2014066937-A1: Patient specific implant positioning patent, US-2013166960-A1: Byte By Byte Received Data Integrity Check patent, US-2010154710-A1: In-vacuum deposition of organic materials patent, US-2010226069-A1: Electrode for Electric Double Layer Capacitor and Electric Double Layer Capacitor patent, US-2010253239-A1: Brightness control of a status indicator light patent, US-2011132627-A1: Resiliently mounted agricultural tool and implement therewith patent, US-2011157093-A1: Illumination device with metalized light-turning features patent, US-2010257819-A1: Bottling plant with an information-adding station configured to add information on the outer surface of a bottle or container patent, US-2012136684-A1: Fast, dynamic, data-driven report deployment of data mining and predictive insight into business intelligence (bi) tools patent, US-2011047478-A1: Multiple user gui patent, US-2010200136-A1: Modular Tire with Variable Tread Surfaces patent, US-2011006226-A1: Terahertz radiation source mounting arrangements and methods of mounting a terahertz source patent, US-2010298646-A1: Flexible access assembly with reinforced lumen patent, US-2011010585-A1: System and method for a testing vector and associated performance map patent, US-2011259432-A1: Independent radiant gas preheating for precursor disassociation control and gas reaction kinetics in low temperature cvd systems patent, US-2010183371-A1: Improvements relating to hose patent, US-2011069711-A1: PROVISIONING SINGLE OR MULTISTAGE NETWORKS USING ETHERNET SERVICE INSTANCES (ESIs) patent, US-2010244775-A1: Bidirectional energy converter patent, US-2011162141-A1: Hospital bed patent, US-2015126315-A1: Adjustable tensioner patent, US-2010174538-A1: Speech encoding patent, US-2010186254-A1: Rotary Drum for the Aerobic Heating of Pourable Solids patent, US-2010198131-A1: Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams patent, US-2011067870-A1: Complex fracturing using a straddle packer in a horizontal wellbore patent, US-2011119235-A1: Hierarchical systems and methods for performing data storage operations patent, US-2010268796-A1: Media Acquisition, Processing and Distribution System for the Internet patent, US-2011122810-A1: Router-Based Home Network Synchronization patent, US-2011093443-A1: Access Point Database patent, US-2011135069-A1: Phone conversation recording system using call control and functions of phone conversation recording patent, US-2011135669-A1: Synthetic agonists of tlr9 patent, US-2011157573-A1: Spectral purity filter, lithographic apparatus including such a spectral purity filter and device manufacturing method patent, US-2011193941-A1: Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and program patent, US-2011252608-A1: Cord Management System patent, US-2011313998-A1: Information repository search system patent, US-2012125438-A1: Manufacturing method of solar battery module, and solar battery module manufactured with that manufacturing method patent, US-2012149050-A1: Automated systems and methods for preparing biological specimens for examination patent, US-2012167763-A1: Method for purifying a gas stream including mercury patent, US-2012192548-A1: System and method for monitoring reductant quality patent, US-2012276556-A1: Ligating BDCA-2 Protein for the Purpose of Isolating or Modulating Dendritic Cells patent, US-2012281428-A1: Reflective nanofiber lighting devices patent, US-2012316514-A1: Needleless access connector and method of use patent, US-2012674-A: Heat motor patent, US-2013028065-A1: Flexible cable for optical pickup and optical disc drive including the same patent, US-2013040852-A1: Biomarkers based on a multi-cancer invasion-associated mechanism patent, US-2013058062-A1: Method for manufacturing base material having gold-plated metal fine pattern, base material having gold-plated metal fine pattern, printed wiring board, interposer, and semiconductor device patent, US-2013082094-A1: Polyamine, carboxylic acid flux composition and method of soldering patent, US-2013177277-A1: Optical waveguide, method for producing optical waveguide, optical waveguide module, method for producing optical waveguide module, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2013199867-A1: Steering apparatus and connector patent, US-2013292930-A1: Airbag module with light weight airbag cushion patent, US-2013652-A: Method for the production of nitrogen and hydrogen by the thermal decomposition of ammonia patent, US-2014065527-A1: Method to adjust the melt flow index of a toner patent, US-2014072494-A1: Treatment of Cold Start Engine Exhaust patent, US-2014138735-A1: Junction-isolated blocking voltage devices with integrated protection structures and methods of forming the same patent, US-2014201923-A1: Bed Scroll patent, US-2014243386-A1: Pharmaceutical composition comprising rotigotine salts (acid or na), especially for iontophoresis patent, US-2014251861-A1: Pill container with register and push button lids and methods patent, US-2014268721-A1: Linear solid state lighting fixture with asymmetric distribution patent, US-2014303014-A1: Multiplexed detection with isotope-coded reporters patent, US-2014310935-A1: Apparatus for and method of securing a centralizer to a tubular patent, US-2014315935-A1: Gene signatures for lung cancer prognosis and therapy selection patent, US-2014318700-A1: Apparatus for Dispensing Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels onto a Substrate patent, US-2014328934-A1: Granules for pharmaceutical preparations, methods and apparatus for their production patent, US-2014342462-A1: Measurement of lactic acid in biological fluids patent, US-2015101958-A1: Bag with built-in receptacle device patent, US-2015111836-A1: Cellular apobec3 proteins and modulators thereof for regulating dna repair processes and treating proliferative diseases patent, US-2010172555-A1: Feature quantity selection method, feature quantity selection apparatus, image classification method, image classification apparatus, computer program, and recording medium patent, US-2010178679-A1: Production of isoprenoids patent, US-2010258938-A1: Substrate and semiconductor device patent, US-2011195512-A1: Novel protein capable of binding to hyaluronic acid, and method for measurement of hyaluronic acid using the same patent, US-2011223395-A1: Pigment dispersion, ink composition using the same, and printed material patent, US-2011240604-A1: Feeding lubricant for cored welding electrode patent, US-2011263414-A1: Apatite and method for producing the same, and apatite base material patent, US-2011272409-A1: Apparatus for securing a bag with scented retaining element patent, US-2011305325-A1: Template-based electronic message generation using sound input patent, US-2012007665-A1: Cmos image sensor patent, US-2012023625-A1: Chemical inhibitors of ethylene biosynthesis patent, US-2012034090-A1: Helicopter Blade Mandrel With Roller Assembly patent, US-2012108183-A1: Configurable rf sections for receiver and transmitter and methods for use therewith patent, US-2012232078-A1: Novel Medicaments patent, US-2012236380-A1: Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus, scanning lens, and molding method of the scanning lens patent, US-2012252663-A1: Sulfur containing silica particle patent, US-2012264063-A1: Method and system for feed-forward advanced process control patent, US-2013122252-A1: Ion beam deposition of fluorine-based optical films patent, US-2013228930-A1: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device patent, US-2013289125-A1: Methods and Compositions for Pest Control patent, US-2013319940-A1: Wastewater treatment process with anaerobic mbbr patent, US-2014026601-A1: Defrosting A Heat Exchanger In A Heat Pump By Diverting Warm Refrigerant To An Exhaust Header patent, US-2014049511-A1: Touch panel system and fabrication method of a touch panel system patent, US-2014083466-A1: Turboengine water wash system patent, US-2014323689-A1: Process for the preparation of a viral protease inhibitor and intermediates thereof patent, US-2014357665-A1: Opsin-Binding Ligands, Compositions and Methods of Use patent, US-2015015835-A1: Color filtering array substrate and the manufacturing method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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